Base Rate: $840/week Non-Union $1080/week Union

Premium Music Services

The shop is doing a bit of music platform testing. Most shops will play classic rock or local radio stations, but we’re going to try each of the major services which all range around $10-20/month. Essentially, less than the price of Netflix. Amazon is a big player in the game so we’re starting there for the next two months. On the upside it appears to be able to generate a custom list in a few minutes. The downside is nothing seems to be local. Given Amazon owns Whole Foods, really surprised no one in their management team has decided to cash in on promotional tours for busking live folk music in stores.

Given Amazon does digital credits, they could be clever with that Lord of the Rings promotional push of adding something to shopping carts like Starbucks used to do. 

“Thank you so much for your weekly Amazon Fresh purchase.

Here’s a credit for your local Amazon music tour digital music this summer.

Have you tried our free promo for a family music subscription plan?”

It wouldn't need to be particularly clever to work, but Amazon has an edge so far. For all these vote crazy types who seem weirdly obsessed with November elections, why hasn't someone slapped Taylor Swift, the NFL, and Whole Foods in a get out the Vote Bus Tour or something? Maybe it's simply too early.