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Our 2019 Collection Success has released to over 200+ stores nationwide which features modern takes on our Carolina fashion heritage and best sellers. The shop is currently sitting for the Golden Shears Master Tailor Certification so our in-person events are limited this year as we grow our quality to the next level. All our clothing continues to be manufactured in custom and small batches here in Raleigh, NC.                 


January: Measure for Measure (Raleigh Little Theatre)

               Textile Mastermind Group (Artspace)

February: Junie B. Jones (Raleigh Little Theatre)

March:    Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds (Raleigh Little Theatre)

April:      Ken Ludwig’s Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery (Raleigh Little   Theatre)

               Textile Mastermind Group (Artspace)

               Shutterfest (St. Louis)

               Annual Industrial Sewing Class (Haus Page)

May:       Pippin (Raleigh Little Theatre)

               Project Cosplay (Animazement)