Base Rate: $840/week Non-Union $1080/week Union

Reward and Sponsorship Programs

We have some of the best customers. Thank you. 

We have two new music wholesale rewards sponsorship programs in 2024.

Live Music Monthly Bag Sponsorship Program

Are you a venue customer who has monthly American instrumental meet-ups, open mike, or live events? Maybe jazz? Especially Tuesday nights? We’d love to sponsor you with a free monthly bag give-a-way. Drop us an email at:

October 2-3, 2024 Annual Trumpet Festival Sponsorship Program

Are you a US citizen and trumpet player celebrating a fall thanksgiving festival at one of our wholesale venues? Please feel free to apply for our $125/day person sponsorship to play from 3-8 pm. If you are part of a band, especially American Jazz, please include a live mix tape and names of other band members involved up to 4 people. This is a merit based scholarship. Drop us an email at:

If you’re interested in adding your name to our list, great. It’s always nice to meet another music lover. We reserve the right to refuse any venue we don’t feel is a good fit. Funds are limited. Please feel free to re-apply.

If you enjoy our work, please feel free to tip us by purchasing a $5/postcard or other products from our online store. You are also welcome to donate directly or tip players. Live music is a wonderful gift.