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Tutorials on Instructables

Over the past decade we've made over 46 tutorials on Instructables, primarly back when we were working at Techshop and won a number of design awards from Autodesk. You can check them out here. We still occassionally to add to the list from time to time.

Current List:

How to Compost Old Cotton T-Shirts

Japanese Quilt Geisha Bags

Sharpening Knives

Bacon Sushi Rolls

Cosplay Props Casting: Skyrim Dagger

Headcasting 101

Scalemail 101

Casting Ears for Costume $10 (Theater, Film, Cosplay, ...

How to Make Merit Badges

Making Superhero Leather Masks

How-To-Dye Soft Leather (For Robin)

Faux-Metal Jewelry (or Armor) Out of Foam

Wooden Postcards


Etsy Craft: PLUSHIES!

How to Make Fabric Buttons

How to Make a Pin Cushion

Professional Hemming by Hand- Pants, Skirts, Jackets, Coats, ...

How-To-Sew Cute Plushie Animals

How to Professionally Sew on a Button by ...

How to Sand Cast 3D Printed Objects

Make a STRONG Leather Dog Leash

Custom Painted Wood Sign With a Laser

Instant Easy Soda Can Jewelry

DIY Paper Kites

Boffer Armaments Pt. 1: Tower Shield

Boffer Armaments Pt. 2: Great Axe

Boffer Armaments Pt. 3: Battle Axe

How to Make a Floor Jack Extender

How to Replace the Locking Pin in a ...

How to Design a Custom Card for a ...