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Summer Music Calling

Some say the start of the last war and the remaking of the earth into a paradise begins with a trumpet, but if we had to guess it's going to include a few fiddles too. Found another great scifi violin artist: VioDance. Beyonce’s Cowboy Album seems to be hitting the charts with #1 and summer is a denim music festival trend. We did Space Cowboys in February fashion week for our collection because we loved it. This is unexpectedly nice. NYC FIT school also has a beautiful denim exhibit worth checking out. Win. Lindsey Stirling also did great this week, but she gets her own post just on Inner Gold. If you’ve seen the Star Wars bar music scene, you...

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AI Backgrounds and Music Videos

In our life when art takes a leap forward in technology, musicians figure it out first. After writing off social media as currently useless, YouTube seems to be getting some really great scifi music covers. Goes to show that you don’t know it all. Particularly Tina Guo. Not sure yet if this is an Apple feature on garage band or what, but if anyone is old enough to remember Kenny G and all that 90s elevator music, this feels like the actual AI $$$ door that’s about to open. Which brings us to a particular point, it is the backgrounds and not the costumes or performers that seem to be getting the upgrade. You could see restaurants embracing a projector...

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Premium Music Services

The shop is doing a bit of music platform testing. Most shops will play classic rock or local radio stations, but we’re going to try each of the major services which all range around $10-20/month. Essentially, less than the price of Netflix. Amazon is a big player in the game so we’re starting there for the next two months. On the upside it appears to be able to generate a custom list in a few minutes. The downside is nothing seems to be local. Given Amazon owns Whole Foods, really surprised no one in their management team has decided to cash in on promotional tours for busking live folk music in stores. Given Amazon does digital credits, they could be...

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Chasing Brass Eagle Songs

After writing off all other music platforms except Spotify, there’s been a bit of a shop discussion on YouTube/Google, Amazon, iTunes, etc. Maybe the answer isn’t as clear cut as we thought. None of us play a musical instrument professionally or busk so this is a bit of a learning curve. Obviously, the peak time retailers interact with busking is mid-November through December when 60% of retail business sales take place. Thanksgiving weekend is called Black Friday for a reason. We don’t know the answer, but we’re having fun looking for a bit. Friend’s older college kids seem to be into the free park rehearsals or afternoon $5 cafe busking for lunch money. We're that old now. The park part is a...

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Dueling Spotify Trumpets

There’s a resurgence in live music, especially jazz this year. The fun stuff is two players riffing back and forth between them. Namely, the trumpet vs. the piano or violin. Add a string instrument or maybe some drums, you’re just about perfect. We listen to podcasts while sewing, but it’s fun to see how far the genre has come in the past decade or two. Music videos are the traditional bastard step-child of theater as they film over a day or weekend for extra cash and favors. Coming from fashion retail, this was a bit of a shock as busking with live coffee shop music is seen as a positive staple during weekends and holidays. Raleigh Little Theatre tended to...

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