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Updated Contract Pricing and Living Water Sewing Club

Happy July 4th weekend. Wow, Kevin Costner’s new Western film series Horizon is awesome. The fact that critic shills seems to hate Horizon while fans love it is just a gift to Costner. There’s great fashion and costume shifts going on right now in both the US and Europe. It’s hard to predict where all this will land and we don’t know the future. You can not hold bitterness in your life. There’s a number of people who want to hold onto the Disney imploding without looking to the next door of opportunity. Do you want to look into Apple’s cool new music sessions or follow Spotify down to Shitify with their CEO Daniel Ek? No, we did not expect Spotify to...

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The Key of David

This past week got to learn about cigar box banjos and harp guitars. Harp guitars are fantasy and scifi’s coolest baby instrument. It also dovetails into running into long-time Animazement friends who are putting together a show for Space Elf Burlesque. There seems to be a shift from larger scale events to smaller venues. It's fun to watch as summer hits its stride. Along with music tours and vacations are beach reads. Generally into scifi, but wanted to take a moment to stop and talk about my favorite fantasy summer read: The Daevabad Trilogy by S.A. Chakraborty. The trilogy starts with City of Brass. It's free on Kindle and a fascinating look both into Egyptian culture and Djinn. You can...

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Dragon Fruit

Guess we have time to break into the third fun topic we wanted to cover: scifi fruit. We were going to review Rumble’s music section this week since we’ve spent a month on YouTube, but it takes about 5 minutes to figure out that’s not an actual thing since they don’t appear to have set it up. Oh well, sometimes you guess wrong. It’s too bad since they have that cool green Matrix theme. Moving on.  The idea came from Animazement guest lecturing days and community theater, scifi’s favorite fruit is always the pitaya or dragon fruit family so let’s start there. Golden or yellow dragon fruit with the spines removed are in our opinion the best, but there’s a...

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The Age of Light

We’re on the edge of a really fun future. Get out and enjoy the beautiful sun. Maybe check out a new music concert or local band. T-shirts are always the big win when you see music take off. We don’t make them so check-out TS Designs, Hanes, and Gildan. You can also print your own t-shirts or check out your local shop in your area. We’ve personally had a huge uptick in requests for both sponsorship bags and custom outfits and wanted to take a post specifically on HOW to ask brands for sponsorships and what the realistic limits are. You can’t fault young musicians for asking the moon and brands do love sponsorship deals, but it’s really hard for...

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Fruits, Atlantis, and Chapterhouse: Dune

We originally put the talented violin player, Lindsey Stirling, at the top of our shop list of most likely to win in the summer music wars, but took it off because we haven’t seen her do any scifi, we stand corrected. Her new song collaboration: Inner Gold nails it. The group obviously had fun making it. There’s so much Dune subtext in there it’s crazy which is timely with the Vogue/MET Gala Atlantis/Time Lords/Satanists Theme. Plus like 100 other scifi books, tv shows, and movies. Frank Herbert is one awesome dark scifi anti-hero satire writer on the fall of Atlantis. The entire design and crew team get a big win here. Tickets seem reasonable for shows averaging between $50-60 at...

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