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Here Be Giants

American cryptids are one of the most fun topics to discuss in museum backrooms. There’s an ongoing meme in movies like Indiana Jones that the Smithsonian, which is British owned, has been covering up giants over the Americas for 100+ years. We thought Bigfoot stories reached a peak in the late 80s with Harry and the Hendersons, but it seems to be facing a podcasting revival as aliens. Our favorite new book we love is Giants on Record by Jim Vieira and Hugh Newman.

Here’s a fun list of podcasting list we’re currently listening to:

Joe Rogan

Lex Fridman

Danny Jones

What are you listening to?

After looking into the topic, we get it's an October Film Festival topic, not an evergreen sales event so we're moving on to local live music as a practical matter. As a small business in NC, which has a vibrant Halloween Horror Festival Circuit thanks to Stephen King in the 80s, Giants in America seems geared for that genre which only sells 2-4 months a year. Which could be a fun weekend fall event for a small shop to drive traffic, so if this appeals to you, please feel free to take the idea and run with it. We did Animazement guest lecturing for a decade and this seems like a project that would benefit from a school, town, or shop deciding to host a weekend conference. Very niche. Like fall festivals in general. But can be great tourism draw. Definitely see why it's taken over podcasting lately as super fun to talk about. Just not sure if that is going to translate into dollars for most of us out there. But hey people, you do you.