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Summer Music Calling

Some say the start of the last war and the remaking of the earth into a paradise begins with a trumpet, but if we had to guess it's going to include a few fiddles too. Found another great scifi violin artist: VioDance. Beyonce’s Cowboy Album seems to be hitting the charts with #1 and summer is a denim music festival trend. We did Space Cowboys in February fashion week for our collection because we loved it. This is unexpectedly nice. NYC FIT school also has a beautiful denim exhibit worth checking out. Win. Lindsey Stirling also did great this week, but she gets her own post just on Inner Gold.

If you’ve seen the Star Wars bar music scene, you automatically think of futuristic film and brass instruments. Trumpets being #1 with Riker in Star Trek: Next Generation. However, in terms of women’s fashion, violins are the ultimate scifi accessory. Maybe both? We're seeing summer instrumental bands more than solo artists. Something to watch.

Are some Apple store tech coding bros going to get together for Burning Man after designing some AI busking, karaoke, and drone backgrounds for iPhones? Disney used to do fantastic animatronic rides and events, but the option to reimagine the product for home markets and theater does exist. Roll it forward into Pop-up Shop events for fall? Of course we hadn’t seen any of this gaming code invented yet. It probably wouldn’t be that hard to do, mostly licensing. Like sports teams. Can you imagine how many bros would love to do a drunk Master Chief team singing with friends? You saw Xbox play with this concept back in the 90s with those funky pop or party music channels, but that was with a blank screen with words. Imagine if you could do that as a game for sale. Sing with Halo? Fantasy Football Half-time Edition? $59.99? Ultimate Christmas present?

Well, we don’t code, but if you like the idea, it’s yours. Seems like a fun summer project. Back to looking at beautiful women playing really cool songs on YouTube as our next test platform potential. We’ve given up on Amazon music. On paper it has the best leverage point to break into the next emerging market as social media collapses with Whole Foods, but in real life, we’ve seen zero steps to expand here. We don’t get it at all. Moving on.