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Dueling Spotify Trumpets

There’s a resurgence in live music, especially jazz this year. The fun stuff is two players riffing back and forth between them. Namely, the trumpet vs. the piano or violin. Add a string instrument or maybe some drums, you’re just about perfect.

We listen to podcasts while sewing, but it’s fun to see how far the genre has come in the past decade or two. Music videos are the traditional bastard step-child of theater as they film over a day or weekend for extra cash and favors. Coming from fashion retail, this was a bit of a shock as busking with live coffee shop music is seen as a positive staple during weekends and holidays. Raleigh Little Theatre tended to avoid these as well as high school theater rentals as they paid maybe ~$500/group as young people are particularly hard on clothing that barely covers dry cleaning. The operative word musicians look for with costumes is free. Costume rentals at the Tilted Stage are ~$50/weekend.

Which brings us to Spotify. Just like MySpace survived the DotCom bust evaporated trillions in wealth overnight, we expect that Spotify will be the clear winner on the social media technopurge. Starbuck is cleverly ahead of its time with 19 hours of jazz and other fun covers. The major weakness of Spotify is the low ad pay-outs and popping AI bubble. There’s a great article on the early 2000s worth reading, but it boils down to the current overbuilding of infrastructure for AI will form the backbone of future service businesses. What exactly? Unsure. The fundamental question is: What would an over saturation of AI provide the future basic building blocks? Time for some Spotify jazz and deep thinking.

We don’t know the answer, but that’s the question.

We totally get that Bleeker Street is coming out with Sasquatch Sunset at South by Southwest Film Festival which has indy film reviewers like Film Threat rolling with laughter. Park fanservice 100%. American giant stories are a mixed bag of choice as you get cannibal eating Mayas and friendly adorable U.S. lumberjacks like Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. There’s also hilarious British tabloid writer, Nick Redfern, that somehow ended up in North Texas publishing a series of American tall tales about Bigfoot, Mothman, etc. worth reading. Can you imagine how many fairs and clubs will cash in?  However, it's not for us. The live music stuff is simply more interesting. So that's were we're headed.