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Chasing Brass Eagle Songs

After writing off all other music platforms except Spotify, there’s been a bit of a shop discussion on YouTube/Google, Amazon, iTunes, etc. Maybe the answer isn’t as clear cut as we thought. None of us play a musical instrument professionally or busk so this is a bit of a learning curve. Obviously, the peak time retailers interact with busking is mid-November through December when 60% of retail business sales take place. Thanksgiving weekend is called Black Friday for a reason.

We don’t know the answer, but we’re having fun looking for a bit. Friend’s older college kids seem to be into the free park rehearsals or afternoon $5 cafe busking for lunch money. We're that old now. The park part is a little questionable as Carolina weather is all over the place with beautiful blue skies mixing with pouring rain. There’s that old joke about how if you don’t like the weather, wait a few hours. Need to make a few instrumental music playlists. 

We've got a few months to figure it out before the holiday season kicks off.