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August 19th 6-9 pm Living Water Quarterly Charity Sewing Bee: DANCE

August 19th 6-9 pm Living Water Quarterly Charity Sewing Bee: DANCE

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Note: This class is not refundable. If you can not attend a class for any reason, it will be donated forward. If you would like to donate extra kits so we can help more dancers, that's great. Pick the DONATE button instead of ATTEND SEWING BEE in the drop down menu so we can keep an accurated count for snacks and drinks.

This sewing bee is for hand crafting Americans halo style hats specifically for local dance troops to help them in their live fall performances at our shop August 19th from 6-9 pm. Our shop is behind our house so park on the street and follow the live music back.

You will be working off forms which have already been constructed so no prior knowledge is necessary. If you want to take yours home with you because you or someone you know dances and they could use it in their performance, that's great. We will have silver, gold, and dark fall colors available. If you're planning to help a specific dance group, please email us at: so we can be sure to have the right number waiting for you for your ensemble cast that you want to gift. If you are planning to bring local greenery for an event near you or a wedding, please allow yourself 2 weeks to dry them with glycerin which you can cheaply purchase at all major craft stores and Amazon.