Huntsman Ranger Lunch Bag

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These medium sized belt pouches can hold just about anything that your average hunter or player may need. A simple lunch bag, something to carry what would normally be in pockets, something to carry pieces of entertainment for children, this bag is wonderful for multiple uses as a general belt pouch. This bag is even waterproof for any cool beverages or spillable containers you may have.

With the variety of colors and options available, you can have this belt pouch match just about any house colors, or even the neutral colors of the world around you. This can not only be made your own, but can meld with what you already have to complete a look or even accentuate your favorite outfit with something that is both utilitarian and stylish.

These bags are roughly 15 ½” x 9” with a lot of leeway. The waterproof leather makes them great for keeping wet things from soaking from the inside to the outside, or even keeping more modern parts of daily life from getting wet in a storm. A drawstring, metal grommets, black piping, and a belt loop on the back make it easily adaptable for any situation or event.


Inspired by 13th-14th century hunter’s wallet

Everything is handcrafted in the US from the East Coast including North Carolina thread.

Artisan stitched in Raleigh, NC from the finest local cowhide leather at our local shop one at a time.