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Bard Merchant Bag

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The larger cousin to our smaller dice bags, these larger scale bags can hold just about anything you’d want to toss in. Perfect for keeping an easy meal together, it can even fold out to become a placemat. If used for dice, it becomes a perfect surface for making dice throws without having to worry about them getting lost over the edge of whatever surface you’re using.

These XL pouches can store just about anything, but are more meant for cosplay, LARP, and our ever favorite desktop RPG players to travel with their sets. Matching up with our universal bags (HP-5001), this larger bag can hold a vast array of dice while the smaller ones can hold lucky or specialty dice. Something like the almost-spherical d100, or a set of all-metal die you may be especially proud of, while the vast majority of die could be kept in this larger bag.

The ultimate gamer’s bag with a handy belt loop, can travel with you while leaving your hands free for just about anything else. Such as rolling dice. The full size laid out of this larger bag is 18” in diameter, while the smaller bags are 5 ½” x 5 ½”. You can buy a set of these bags which would include one larger bag, and two smaller dice bags with clips. The larger bag can hold up to 20 dice bags at the maximum, but likely shouldn’t have more than 4-6 for ease of use.


Everything is handcrafted in the US from the East Coast including North Carolina thread.

Artisan stitched in Raleigh, NC from the finest local cowhide leather at our local shop one at a time.