Universal Small Pouch (Dice Bag)

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Meet the Universal Small Pouch. It has been modeled after smaller coin pouches ranging back centuries, as well as the standard dice bag from the modern era. Dice, coins, keys, you name it, these bags could hold just about any small thing of which you have many. Personally, I use several for managing my collections of dice, and they even come in colors to match.

Considering the number of colors available, and the purpose they are meant to serve, you can use these tiny bags to act as if you’re in days of yore to hold your coin or keep a few die squirreled away for a game at a tavern. Their small size allows them to blend in with just about any outfit and lets you have freedom of movement as you please.

The steel grommets and drawstring allow them to be easily tied and secured to your person, and add sturdy construction so they won’t fall apart with age. These bags could be the perfect small gift for a friend who happens to like games involving dice, or even for children to collect small things and be a part of the world.

Everything is handcrafted in the US from the East Coast including North Carolina thread.

Measures approximately 7.5" by 4.5" in nine different colors. We can't stop at one. Can you?

Artisan stitched in Raleigh, NC from the finest local cowhide leather at our local shop one at a time.