Irish Rogue Lucky Clover Bag

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Luck o’ the Irish to ye! These little, yet handy, purses can carry anything from dice to coins to small rocks if you’re a collector of such things. For the more mystical types you could keep bones or runes within among other crafty items. Their small size makes them perfect for that one little thing you always wish you had an extra pocket for. It could be something as simple as keys or change, or as big as your wallet.

Each bag has a two-color scheme that can blend in with just about any house colors or natural colors for the everyday person. The double-stitching holding everything together is strong enough to withstand just about any punishment you can throw at it. The leather has been treated to be water resistant, making it easy to stash small electrical devices inside, but it’s 5 ½” x 7” size might be a little small for some of the larger phones these days.

The clip or cord can be used to attach to any belt, bag, or anything with a hole or strap with ease. The sturdy construction will allow it to be attached to just about anything without fear of it falling off or going missing. This can be used for anything and everything that you may need to store away safely.

Inspired by 17th Century Merchant German/English leather drawstring purse. Traveler’s wallet.

Everything is handcrafted in the US from the East Coast including North Carolina thread.

Artisan stitched in Raleigh, NC from the finest local cowhide leather at our local shop one at a time.