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Who thought we'd be on the edge of nuclear war?

What a strange 2022/2023 season. Music festivals, tours, and live events have started back (slowly) and indy small towns seem to be thriving with $500/weekend sponsorships to come sing or busk in stores for artists. Some of this is positive as there's a greater emphasis on health insurance/pensions for young people. Larger cities still seem to be sleeping though. The annual fall tradeshow for the Carolinas was essentially a nice dinner (very low key). We'll have to see what February brings for fashion shows. 

Which brings us to some changes. We're currently only accepting wholesale accounts for scale plus 20% (sorry no individuals) so my best friend and I work on an Underground Scifi Magazine of fun good/bad scifi together. She is a fantasy writer and small businesses are still recovering from being wiped out during the pandemic. If you'd like to support us, feel free to sign-up for $5/year or purchase swag from the shop. Short stories can be licensed at a rate of $125 per 2,000 words.

As some of you all know, Nash and I have enjoyed helping with Sewing Acts of Kindness prior to 2020. During the first 6-7 weeks in March we emptied a room of fabric cutting up free kits and ppe for the community...essentially a $250-500/k loss which more or less bankrupted the business. We don't regret helping out, but we definitely got over our skis on that one. If you enjoyed the sewing bees and want to make them your own, the resources are available for free: There are no strings attached.

Yes, events are re-opening and it seems better to take things slow for now. We wish you a lovely fall.